About Us

Bitcount Ltd. is a Denver-based mobile software development company celebrated for such quality mobile audio applications as Cleartune and Clockwork.

Matt Finn (CEO/Lead Developer) is a self-taught developer who joined the dotcom boom out of high school and worked with numerous startups before striking out on his own. He founded Bitcount in 2009 with the release of Cleartune, an app which remains one of the top-selling music apps in the iTunes app store.

Kyle Finn (DSP Engineer/Developer) is a graduate of North Carolina State University with a degree in Computer Engineering emphasizing analog and digital audio signal processing. Before joining Bitcount, he worked on mobile apps at IBM and various electronics and programming pet projects.

Steve Rokitka (UI/UX Lead) spent several years as an interface designer and usability researcher at Cornell University before designing the UI for Bitcount's first product, Cleartune. He moved to Seattle to work at various agencies and tech giants before joining Bitcount full-time in early 2013.