This page contains information including FAQ (frequently asked questions) as well as tips on how to better use our products. If you are unable to find a solution here, please feel free to send a support request from within the app or by clicking here.


I accidentally hit 'Don't Allow' when Cleartune asked to access my device's microphone.
No problem, just open the settings app (the grey gears on your home screen), and under Privacy -> Microphone turn on the switch next to Cleartune.
Cleartune appears to be frozen after updating to iOS7.
In iOS 7, access to the microphone is permission based - you may have seen a dialog box asking for permission to use the mic when you opened Cleartune for the first time. If not, no problem, just open the settings app (the grey gears on your home screen), and under Privacy -> Microphone turn on the switch next to Cleartune.
The wheel is not moving when in tuner mode.
Check the Padlock icon at the bottom center of the note wheel. If this is RED press it to unlock the wheel.
How do I get a tone in pitch pipe mode ?
Enter pitch pipe mode by pressing the 4 vertical bar icon located at the top right of the screen. Turn the wheel to the desired note and press the Power icon directly above the wheel in the center of the screen.
I recently upgraded my OS and Cleartune no longer works.
In most cases powering your device off and on will return functionality. If this does not resolve the issue you can delete and reinstall the app at no additional charge. This should fix any issues caused by the upgrade.
Cleartune does not work on my iPod Touch.
Cleartune works on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Generation iPod Touch. However, 2nd and 3rd Generation devices do not have a built in microphone and require the use of an external unit. Cleartune is not compatible with 1st Generation iPod Touch.
Will my headset work as an external mic?
It will if the input is TRRS type. This means that the jack has 4 sections instead of 3 like a typical stereo headset.
I had to replace my phone, do I need to purchase Cleartune again.
You do not need to purchase Cleartune again. Cleartune can be reinstalled from the App Store or Android Market at no additional charge.
I recently switched from iPhone to Android, or, from Android to iPhone. Do I need to repurchase Cleartune.
In this case, Yes. While the end product may seem the same, the two versions are different software with different distributers and are not compatible.
How are Custom Temperaments entered in.
Custom Temperaments are built in as a +/- cents deviation from Equal Temperament
Cleartune does not read the right note when tuning my trumpet / trombone.
Cleartune by default is set to C transposition. Many brass instruments are Bb transposing instruments and Transposition settings need to be adjusted accordingly.


How do I create setlists?
Currently you cannot create setlists from within StagePass, but playlists created with the built in iOS Music Player will appear as setlists in StagePass. We will include this functionality in a future release.
What's the deal with venues?
The initial release includes 33 unique stages. We are constantly on the road capturing new music venues for release in future updates.
Why is the sound of each venue so different?
Every venue has a signature sound. We have preserved these unique acoustics using our proprietary recording technology, delivering an exact listening experience as if you were there.
How do i get the most out of the Equalizer?
While certain venues paired with certain albums just click, you may want to make adjustments to optimize your listening experience.


How do I adjust which notes are accented?
Tap the accents icon located in the tab bar, then tap the accent for each beat to toggle on or off. Be sure the volume level for accents is turned up.
How do I adjust the volume level for subdivisions?
Tap the levels icon in the tab bar to adjust the volume of accents as well as quarters (quavers), eights (semiquavers), and triplets.
How do I adjust tempo?
Tempo can be adjusted by moving the wheel below the dial or by tapping the dial in time.
How do I change the sound of the beats?
Tapping the Voices icon will give you the option of selecting many different included voices, as well as the ability to create your own custom voice with different sounds for each subdivision.
How do I use Clockwork silently?
By pressing the ( i ) icon you have the ability to set the dial or the entire screen to flash on the beat allowing you to keep time in situations where you do not wish to hear the audible beat.
How do I create a click track?
Tap the Click Track icon, then tap the list icon at the bottom right. Tap 'Add Song'. The + button will add sections which you can name and adjust parameters such as bar count and tempo.
How do I add sections to an existing click track?
While in the click track editor, tap the bar ruler at the top to move the cursor to where you would like to add a section. Pressing + will add sections at the location of the cursor.